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TD 002 - From Trauma To Freedom & Responsibility S1E3

TD 002 - From Trauma To Freedom & Responsibility

A trip that started from inquiring about trauma and what it actually is. Leading us to freedom, responsibility and asking about what it is to help another.

· 01:21:36

Some of the points and questions touched during this week's session:
- What do we mean by trauma, beyond my past understanding of it?
- The fact of isolation that is my life.
- What is the true effect of living through stories.
- Freedom and responsibility go together

Todays's participants are:

Paul Dimmock: Paul was introduced to Dialogue about 20 years ago and about a year later he started to attend regular dialogue retreats at Brockwood Park. He wouldn’t carry on doing any of this if he didn’t feel it was the most important thing in life to do.

Ayham Kader: A holistic dialogue facilitator and artists

More about Tripute: https://www.linktr.ee/tripute

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