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TD 003 - Have I Ever Been of Any Help? S1E4

TD 003 - Have I Ever Been of Any Help?

Going into dialogue believing that I am helping, while the fact could be exactly that which I don't desire and maybe it is the thing I am running away from.

· 01:27:17

What does it mean to help another, psychologically?
Can a confused person ever be of any help?
Is giving up and stopping the same?
Have we ever experience leisure?

Todays's participants are:
(1) Paul Dimmock: Paul was introduced to Dialogue about 20 years ago and about a year later he started to attend regular dialogue retreats at Brockwood Park. He wouldn’t carry on doing any of this if he didn’t feel it was the most important thing in life to do.

(2) Ayham Kader: A holistic dialogue facilitator and artist.

More about Tripute: https://www.linktr.ee/tripute

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